Saying Goodbye: 15 Things That Will Disappear With The Boomers

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Boomers, known for their strong work ethic and blunt honesty, are a generation that is sometimes misunderstood by younger generations. While their advice may not always be delivered in a preferred manner, it often stems from a genuine place of care. There are certain trademark behaviors associated with Boomers that many believe will fade away once they are no longer present. What are some of these things that you will personally miss seeing or experiencing from Boomers?

Certain Internet Sites

Certain Internet Sites man with gray hair sitting at his desk on the computer.
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One reader wrote, “AOL. My dad still uses his AOL email.”

Another reader added, “Yahoo, MSN, Windows XP (still miss you, bud), Netscape, dial-up internet.”

China Cabinets 

China Cabinets older couple lying outside with wine glasses.
Image credits: Depositphotos Dmyrto_z.

A user replied, “Giant china cabinets with whole extra sets of plates that are used once or twice in a lifetime.”

A second user commented, “I inherited my great grandmother’s really nice china. It’s beautiful. And in a box in my office closet.”

Phone Books

Phone Books older man on the phone looking at his computer.
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A poster simply said, “Phone books.”

Another poster added, “Are those still around?” 

QVC Channel

QVC Channel older woman sitting on a couch holding up a remote.
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A popular comment read, “I actually liked QVC, lol.”

Another comment was, “Lol. Last night’s QVC show featured two women advertising a shower gel… by washing their hands for twenty minutes straight. Talking about how good the soap felt in their hands.”

60’s Sitcoms

60’s Sitcoms older couple watching tv.
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One user added, “60’s sitcoms. I used to laugh my ass off at I Dream of Jeanie growing up, but watching it now? Dude, Darin’s kind of douchey. Like, a lot.”

A second user replied, “All old shows are horrible. They literally put a laugh track to shows that didn’t have jokes. Sadists”


Timeshares older couple eating ice cream and smiling on vacation outside.
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A user replied, “It’s so weird. I feel like our family is the only family in NA that has had a good experience with our timeshare.”

Another user added, “Except for when they are passed down to the Boomer’s kids. I know a family who keeps accruing timeshares, and they’ve already discussed which of the millennial kids get which ones. And now the kids have bought some.”

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing older couple making a salad in their kitchen.
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One reader commented, “Not just housing. Grocery bills and tuition were so much more affordable in their prime.”

A second reader replied, “My grandfather just told me his first house cost the same as a year of college. 15k.”


Workaholics older woman standing at her desk smiling.
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A popular comment was, “The idea that our entire lives should revolve around work.”

Another popular comment read, “This seriously baffles me. I’ve worked for two guys who lived to work. Not worked to live. How can you think about work 24/7 and just be obsessed with money…”

No Subscriptions

No Subscriptions older man holding up his glasses looking at a tablet on a couch.
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One reader replied, “Actually owning stuff and not just “subscribing” to it!”

A second reader wrote, “This kills me. My husband insists on buying DVDs and I love it cuz we actually own some of the stuff we like to watch.”

Wearing Suits To Work

Wearing Suits To Work older man standing and smiling in a suit.
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A user added, “Suits in the workplace. Most workstations have already abolished suits, and those that still mandate suits will abolish them once the baby boomers are gone.”


Newspapers older woman reading a newspaper sitting on a chair.
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One poster wrote, “Yeah. The only time I will ever read a newspaper is on an airplane. Occasionally I catch a glimpse of my local paper and think, “Maybe I should subscribe….”

A second commenter added, “That’s part of the morning routine I miss. Reading the Sunday comics and then trying to get at least 1 word in the crossword puzzle!”


Checkbooks persons hands writing a check.
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A user commented, “I still pay my utilities with checks because they charge a “convenience fee” of $7 for paying by card or autopay. It’s free to send a check. (Well, the cost of a stamp but that’s way less than $7).”

A second person said, “Guilty millennial…I wrote a check today.”

Cable TV

Cable TV boy and older man watching tv pointing and holding a soccer ball
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One sarcastic user wrote, “I can only hope I live long enough to one day witness the decline of Spectrum and Comcast. They’ll always have internet, but I think cable is their big money maker right now.”

Another user added, “God, I hope this is accurate. Cable is a scam. When we returned our box, they charged us for the next full month because they decided the billing cycle didn’t end when we returned the equipment.”

Marital Pressure

Marital Pressure happy older couple exchanging gifts and smiling at each other outside
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A reader added, “Pressure to get married before 30. Or even get married at all.”

A second reader wrote, “Thankfully, the younger generations are realizing it’s not worth the enormous risk, and the tax benefits are hardly reason enough to go through with it”


Burials: man and woman wearing black and facing away in the graveyard man's hand on woman's shoulder.
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Finally, a user responded, “Burials. I see cremations and alternate forms of treating the corpse (like growing a tree) becoming predominant because of environmental, economic or ethical reasons. I just can’t see cemeteries remaining viable.”

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