Reminders of Him Book Review

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“Reminders of Him,” is filled with feelings of redemption, forgiveness, and the intricacies of human connection. Colleen Hoover, a #1 New York Times bestselling author, writes a story that reflects an understanding of emotional depth and complexity in life.

The novel introduces readers to Kenna Rowan, a young woman dealing with the aftermath of a grievous mistake that echoes through her past.

With a past that seems to claw her back at every turn, Kenna returns to the town that houses both her darkest sins and her brightest hopes.

Amidst the trauma and rejection, her ultimate goal is clear: to mend broken bonds with her estranged daughter.

This journey, rife with conflict and yearning, is crafted to evoke a myriad of emotions in readers, carving a deeply personal experience through the power of narrative.

Hoover’s unflinching depiction of Kenna’s life post-incarceration cuts to the core of what it means to seek forgiveness in an unforgiving world.

Post Highlights:

  • The novel examines the arduous path toward redemption.
  • Character depth and emotional nuances are vividly portrayed.
  • “Reminders of Him” reflects the power of second chances amidst adversity.

Author Background

In exploring the Reminders of Him book review, it’s imperative to understand the foundation laid by the author herself. My focus here will pull from Colleen Hoover’s grounding in the literary world and touch on her notable achievements prior to this particular work.

Colleen Hoover’s Literary Career

My career began quite unconventionally. In 2011, I self-published my first novel, “Slammed,” and it wasn’t long before the mix of poetry and prose captured the attention of readers worldwide. As a pioneer in the New Adult genre, I’ve been known to blend deeply emotional narratives with elements of romance, which has become a hallmark of my style.

Previous Works and Achievements

Before “Reminders of Him” came to light, there were numerous titles that left indelible marks on the literary landscape. My novels, “It Ends With Us” and “Verity,” have both received critical acclaim and have been bestsellers. The former even won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance in 2016, and my catalog boasts several other titles that have garnered similar reader-driven accolades.

Synopsis of ‘Reminders of Him’

In Reminders of Him, I explore a poignant narrative following Kenna Rowan’s quest for redemption. Released from prison, Kenna carries the weight of her past—a tragic car accident that resulted in the death of her boyfriend, Scotty. The incident left deep scars and Kenna grapples with them as she returns to a town steeped in judgment.

Kenna’s primary goal is the reconciliation with her four-year-old daughter, Diem, now under the care of Scotty’s parents, the Landrys. Their custody of Diem presents a complicated barrier for Kenna, who must navigate their distrust and the community’s resentment.

This story weaves themes of forgiveness and maternal love with the complexity of human relationships. My portrayal of Kenna reflects a fragile balance—a woman marred by her mistakes but driven by an unyielding maternal bond.

The narrative doesn’t shy away from emotionally charged moments, giving readers a glimpse into Kenna’s struggles with acceptance and the fight to regain her place in her daughter’s life.

  • Themes:
    • Redemption
    • Motherhood
    • Forgiveness

Kenna’s journey is also a reflection on societal attitudes towards ex-convicts and the rocky road to reintegration. The novel doesn’t just tell a story of a mother; it opens a conversation about second chances and the possibility of new beginnings.

Critical Analysis

In my exploration of Reminders of Him, I focus on the novel’s structural mechanics, the depth of its characters, the thematic substance, the spectrum of emotions it provokes, and the distinctive qualities of its prose.

Plot Structure and Pace

The narrative of Reminders of Him unfolds methodically, demonstrating Colleen Hoover’s adept pacing that keeps me turning pages. The plot is centered on Kenna Rowan’s quest to reconnect with her daughter after being released from prison, providing a clear and focused trajectory that ensures each chapter propels the story forward.

Character Development

Hoover demonstrates a profound understanding of character arcs, especially through Kenna, her multifaceted protagonist. Moreover, the ghost of Scotty Landry serves as a constant reminder of past actions, influencing the living characters in a way that gives depth to their emotional journeys.

Thematic Elements

This novel is rich with themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the complexities of grieving. I find that it explores difficult subjects with a sensitivity that adds layers to the narrative, inviting reflection on the often grey area between right and wrong.

Emotional Impact

The emotional impact of the novel is potent and far-reaching. As I engage with the story, the characters’ struggles and growth evoke a palpable sense of empathy, a testament to Hoover’s ability to capture the intricacies of human emotion.

Writing Style

Hoover’s writing style is both eloquent and accessible, utilizing a blend of simple and evocative language that resonates strongly with me. The precision of her sentences cuts to the core of the novel’s themes, enhancing the overall reading experience with its clarity.

Comparative Context

In this section, I’ll explore how “Reminders of Him” by Colleen Hoover fits within its genre and how it compares to her previous works, offering insights into its unique place in contemporary romance and fiction.

Similar Works in Genre

Colleen Hoover’s “Reminders of Him” shares common ground with other poignant romance novels that delve into themes of grief and redemption. Readers might find parallels with “It Ends With Us,” which also addresses heavy emotional issues while weaving a love story. Novels by authors like Liane Moriarty or Jodi Picoult can be seen as similar, with their emphasis on complex relationships and emotional depth.

Contrast with Author’s Previous Books

Compared to Colleen Hoover’s earlier novels, “Reminders of Him” stands out for its focus on forgiveness and reconnecting with past love. While her book “Verity” took a suspenseful turn, deviating from the usual romance path, “Reminders of Him” returns to what Hoover is most known for—deeply moving narratives about human connections and personal growth.

Audience Reception

In my exploration of “Reminders of Him,” I found that the audience reception is a crucial aspect of the novel’s presence in the literary community. The impact of Colleen Hoover’s work extends significantly beyond just the pages, resonating with readers, thriving in the marketplace, and generating conversations across social platforms.

Reader Reviews

Readers have voiced their emotional connection to the story of “Reminders of Him,” often citing the book’s capacity to evoke a deep empathetic response. Many touch on the central themes of redemption and forgiveness as strong points of Hoover’s narrative. Here are some standout sentiments from reader feedback:

  • “Incredibly moving and beautifully penned”
  • “A raw and honest portrayal of second chances”

Sales and Popularity

The commercial success of “Reminders of Him” speaks volumes about its popularity. Following its release, the book rapidly climbed bestseller lists. According to a comprehensive review by The Bibliofile, the book connects with a broad audience, including not just fans of contemporary romance but also those interested in more profound thematic explorations such as healing after tragedy. The number of copies sold and persisting demand signify the title’s strong market presence.

Impact on Social Media

The impact of “Reminders of Him” on social media platforms has been notable. Detailed reviews and discussions about the book emerge regularly on platforms like Goodreads and other literary-focused communities, where it has amassed a significant following. Readers share quotes, discuss character arcs, and even create fan art, showing the book’s ability to engage and captivate a digital audience.

Personal Opinions

In sharing my perspective on “Reminders of Him,” I focus on the tangible aspects I observed in the book’s storytelling and character development.

Strengths of the Book

  • Engaging Characters: I found the characters in Reminders of Him to be deeply compelling. Their complexity and emotional depth pulled me into the narrative, as highlighted by Kirkus Reviews.
  • Exploration of Themes: The novel does an excellent job of exploring themes like redemption and forgiveness. It navigates the emotional landscape of its protagonist with care and sincerity.

Weaknesses of the Book

  • Plot Development: While the story is emotive, the plot sometimes felt underdeveloped to me. As echoed on Goodreads, the storyline might have benefited from more pages to fully flesh out its potential.
  • Pacing Issues: Certain sections of the book appeared rushed, which made it challenging to fully immerse myself in Kenna’s journey at times.

Recommendation Level

  • For Book Clubs: I believe that this story poses a lot of interesting questions for discussion, making it a strong choice for book clubs, as suggested at Lucy Knows Things.
  • For Individual Readers: If you appreciate stories of personal growth and complex emotional journeys, I recommend giving Reminders of Him a read. Be prepared for a heavy story that tackles mature themes.


In my analysis of “Reminders of Him,” I find Colleen Hoover’s narrative to be a poignant exploration of redemption and maternal love. Kenna Rowan’s journey, after being released from prison for a fatal drunk driving incident, is one filled with palpable emotion and internal conflict as she attempts to reconnect with her daughter.

The strength of Hoover’s writing lies in her ability to create deeply flawed yet relatable characters. I appreciate the author’s careful handling of sensitive themes. The novel grapples with forgiveness and the complex dynamics of family and community. It illustrates the hardship of overcoming past mistakes, but also the potential for growth and acceptance.

I noticed the precise pace with which Hoover unfolds the story, allowing readers to develop a genuine connection with Kenna and understand her motivations. The inclusion of multiple perspectives adds depth to the novel, giving insight into the various ways individuals cope with grief and loss.

It’s clear that “Reminders of Him” is more than just a romance; it’s a testament to the endurance of the human spirit. The raw emotional power Hoover brings to this story will likely resonate with readers long after they finish the last page.

For those considering reading “Reminders of Him,” be prepared for an emotional ride that offers a thoughtful look at second chances and the resilience required to seize them. The novel stands out in the landscape of contemporary fiction for its authentic portrayal of a woman’s quest for forgiveness, both from others and herself.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I address some of the key questions readers commonly have about ‘Reminders of Him,’ including its themes, character development, genre, age-appropriateness, comparison to other works by the same author, and memorable quotes from the book.

What themes are explored in ‘Reminders of Him’?

‘Reminders of Him’ deeply explores themes such as redemption and forgiveness. The protagonist, Kenna Rowan, grapples with the challenge of reintegrating into a society that judges her past while striving to forge a relationship with her daughter.

How do the characters develop throughout ‘Reminders of Him’?

The characters in ‘Reminders of Him’ show significant growth, with Kenna Rowan evolving as she seeks forgiveness and atonement. Supporting characters also evolve, as they confront their own prejudices and come to terms with the complexities of Kenna’s situation.

What genre does ‘Reminders of Him’ fall under?

This novel is firmly positioned within the genre of contemporary romance, with a strong emotional undercurrent due to its focus on loss and reconciliation.

Can ‘Reminders of Him’ be considered appropriate for young adult readers?

While ‘Reminders of Him’ deals with mature themes and emotional depth, it may be suitable for mature young adult readers. However, parental discretion is advised due to its depiction of more adult situations.

How does ‘Reminders of Him’ compare to Colleen Hoover’s other works?

‘Reminders of Him’ bears the distinctive hallmarks of Colleen Hoover’s writing, including emotional complexity and raw human experiences, yet stands out for its focus on the profound longing for redemption.

What are some notable quotes from ‘Reminders of Him’?

One poignant quote from ‘Reminders of Him’ encapsulates the essence of the novel: “People say you fall in love, but fall is such a sad word…” This contemplation reflects the novel’s deep dive into the highs and lows of human emotion.

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