Gift Kindle Unlimited: A Guide to Giving the Gift of Unlimited Reading

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Reading has always been a popular pastime, and with the advent of digital books, it’s easier than ever to access a vast library of content.

For the bookworms in your life or those looking to dive into a new hobby, giving the gift of an endless reading journey is a thoughtful option that stands out.

Kindle Unlimited offers a service that provides unlimited access to a wide array of books across different genres, along with audiobooks and magazines, all of which can be a perfect present for anyone who enjoys reading.

Gifting Kindle Unlimited is a straightforward process where you can choose from various subscription lengths, up to 24 months. Tailored for book enthusiasts, Kindle Unlimited can be purchased for others on platforms like Amazon, where the recipient can redeem the gift with ease.

This flexibility ensures that your gift fits into the recipient’s reading habits, whether they’re a voracious reader or someone with a casual interest in books. Giving a Kindle Unlimited subscription is not just a gift of books—it’s an opportunity for knowledge, entertainment, and discovery.

Post Highlights:

  • Kindle Unlimited provides a broad selection of books, audiobooks, and magazines.
  • Subscriptions can be easily gifted to others and tailored to the recipient’s reading preferences.
  • Redeeming the gift is user-friendly, offering the recipient flexibility and convenience.

What Is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service provided by Amazon that gives readers access to a wide range of digital content. This content includes over a million ebooks, audiobooks, and popular magazine subscriptions. Subscribers can enjoy the freedom to explore new authors, books, and genres from mysteries and romance to sci-fi and more – all on any device.

One can think of it as a digital library that is accessible anywhere and at any time. The service works on any device that has the Kindle app installed, this includes Kindle devices, smartphones, tablets, and even computers.

Advantages of Kindle Unlimited:

  • Unlimited Reading: Users can read as many books as they want from a vast selection of titles across various genres.
  • Unlimited Listening: Thousands of audiobooks are available with the freedom to switch seamlessly between reading and listening.
  • No Due Dates: Books can be kept for as long as one is a member, without any worry of return dates.
  • Variety: Access to a multitude of book choices, including books in foreign languages.

Kindle Unlimited operates on a monthly subscription basis, with the option for users to cancel anytime. This flexibility allows users to tailor their subscription to their reading habits. For more information on Kindle Unlimited and its gifting options, readers can visit the Kindle Unlimited Gifting Information page on Amazon’s website.

“If you purchase the Kindle + Kindle Unlimited membership as a gift, both you and the gift recipient will receive the free Kindle Unlimited offer. Your membership will begin once your order has been successfully placed. Upon your gift recipient registering their Kindle they will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem their free Kindle Unlimited. After the free trial period, the Kindle Unlimited membership will auto-renew for $11.99 per month. Cancel anytime.”

How to Gift Kindle Unlimited

Gifting Kindle Unlimited is a convenient way for one to give the gift of reading to friends or family. It involves purchasing a subscription and choosing how to deliver the gift.

Purchasing a Gift Subscription

To purchase a Kindle Unlimited gift subscription, one should visit the Kindle Unlimited Gifting Information page on Amazon. The process is straightforward:

  1. Select the ‘Give Kindle Unlimited as a gift’.
  2. Choose the subscription length (6, 12, or 24 months).
  3. Add the gift to your cart and proceed to checkout.

The cost of the subscription starts at $9.99 per month, but it may vary depending on special offers or changes to Amazon’s pricing.

Delivery Options for Kindle Unlimited Gifts

When gifting Kindle Unlimited, the giver has a variety of delivery options:

  • Email: The gift can be sent directly to the recipient’s email.
  • Print: The giver can print the gift voucher and deliver it personally.

The recipient will receive clear instructions on how to redeem their gift. For those gifting at the last minute, the email option ensures that the gift arrives on time, while the print option adds a personal touch for those who may hand over their gifts physically.

Benefits of Gifting Kindle Unlimited

Gifting Kindle Unlimited offers an expansive selection of ebooks, convenience of use across multiple devices, and a personalized reading experience tailored to the recipient’s preferences.

Access to a Massive Library

Kindle Unlimited presents recipients with the advantage of exploring over one million titles, spanning various genres from fiction to educational resources. With such a vast repository, avid readers can indulge in an array of books without the need to purchase individual titles.

Convenience Across Devices

The service does not limit readers to a single device. Recipients can access their reading material on Kindle devices, smartphones, or tablets using the Kindle app. This flexibility allows users to read anytime and anywhere, syncing their progress across all devices for a seamless reading experience.

Personalized Reading Experience

Kindle Unlimited also adapts to user preferences, suggesting titles based on previously read books. This personalized approach enhances the reading adventure, making it easier to discover new books that align with the user’s interests.

Guidelines for Gifting Kindle Unlimited

When gifting Kindle Unlimited, the giver should be aware of the pertinent details regarding subscription terms, how the gift is redeemed, and the policy on cancellations. These guidelines will ensure a smooth experience both for the person giving and receiving the gift.

Gift Subscription Terms

Duration Options: Kindle Unlimited gift subscriptions can be purchased for various lengths of time. Memberships are offered at 6, 12, or 24 months with the cost per month being lower for longer commitments. For example, a 12-month subscription may cost $9.99 per month.

Auto-Renewal: After the initial gifted period, the Kindle Unlimited subscription will automatically renew at the current monthly rate unless canceled. The recipient should be informed that they can cancel at any time.

Redemption Instructions

Email Notification: The gift recipient will receive an email after the gifter completes the purchase. This email contains all the necessary steps to redeem their Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Redeeming the Gift: The recipient must follow the link provided in the email to activate their subscription. They will need an Amazon account to redeem the gift and will be guided through setting one up if they do not have one already.

Gift Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by Giver: The gift purchaser has the option to cancel the gift before it is redeemed. If a gift is canceled, the purchaser will not be charged, and no refund is necessary.

Refunds: Post-redeeming, if the recipient decides Kindle Unlimited is not for them, they can cancel their subscription. However, the terms of refund will depend on the Amazon policy at the time of cancellation, which typically does not refund for partially used periods.

Kindle Unlimited Gift Recipient Guide

Receiving a Kindle Unlimited gift subscription opens up a vast library of eBooks, audiobooks, and more. This guide will walk the recipient through redeeming their gift and managing the subscription effectively.

How to Redeem a Kindle Unlimited Gift

To redeem a Kindle Unlimited gift, the recipient should receive an email notification with a redemption link. They must follow this link and log in to their Amazon account, or create one if they do not already have one. Once logged in, the prompt to start the subscription should be clearly visible, and they simply need to follow the on-screen instructions. If they did not receive an email, they might need to check their junk mail folder or request the gift-giver to resend the gift notification. For more information on activating the Kindle Unlimited subscription, visit the Kindle Unlimited Gifting Information page.

Managing a Gift Subscription

Once a Kindle Unlimited gift subscription is active, managing it is straightforward. Recipients can view their subscription details by visiting ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’ on Amazon. Here, they can keep track of the subscription’s end date, and explore the option to cancel the subscription if needed. Additionally, they may consider adding a reminder to their calendar a few days before the expiration date to decide if they want to continue the service on their own funding.

Additional Gift Options

When considering gift options for an avid reader, along with a Kindle Unlimited membership, one can also choose to send individual Kindle eBooks or Amazon Gift Cards for a personal touch.

Kindle eBooks as Gifts

One can select from a vast range of Kindle eBooks to gift directly to another’s Amazon account. This allows the giver to tailor the reading material to the recipient’s preferences, whether it’s the latest bestseller, a classic piece of literature, or a helpful how-to guide. To gift a Kindle eBook, simply find the book on the Amazon store and choose the option to Buy for others.

Amazon Gift Cards

Alternatively, giving an Amazon Gift Card offers the recipient the freedom to choose their desired eBooks, audiobooks, or other goods. It ensures that they can pick exactly what they want from the plethora of items available on Amazon. Gift cards can be purchased in specific amounts and sent either via email or as a physical card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gifting a Kindle Unlimited subscription can be an excellent present for avid readers. This section aims to clarify common inquiries about the process, options, and steps involved in purchasing and using a Kindle Unlimited gift subscription.

Can you gift someone a Kindle Unlimited subscription?

Yes, one can gift a Kindle Unlimited subscription to someone else. Upon the recipient registering their Kindle device, they will receive an email with the necessary redemption instructions.

How can I purchase a Kindle Unlimited gift subscription?

A Kindle Unlimited gift subscription can be purchased through Amazon. The buyer follows a simple process, starting with selecting the gift option, customizing the gift message, and proceeding through the checkout.

Is it possible to use an Amazon gift card to fund a Kindle Unlimited subscription?

Amazon gift cards can typically be used as a payment method for Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. However, it’s advisable to check the current terms as policies may change.

Are one-year subscriptions available for Kindle Unlimited as gifts?

Yes, one can purchase one-year, and even two-year, Kindle Unlimited gift subscriptions. This provides the recipient with extended access to a vast selection of books.

How do I redeem a Kindle Unlimited gift code?

To redeem a Kindle Unlimited gift code, the recipient must follow the instructions provided in the email they receive after the gifter has finalized the purchase.

Can Kindle Unlimited memberships be shared between multiple users?

Kindle Unlimited memberships are generally intended for individual use and cannot be shared across multiple Amazon accounts or users.

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