15 Things You Should Never Ever Share With Your Partner

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Certain boundaries should be upheld in every relationship to maintain mutual respect, trust, and emotional well-being. There are topics and information that individuals should refrain from sharing with their partners, regardless of the circumstances. Some examples include intimate details of past relationships, negative comparisons to ex-partners, and personal regrets about the relationship. Sharing confidential information about friends or family members can breach trust and confidentiality. Finally, sensitive health issues, unless with consent, should always be respected as private matters. 

Past Relationships Details 

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“Avoid sharing explicit details about past relationships. This tends to only lead to unnecessary jealousy and insecurities.”

Harsh Criticisms About Appearance 

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“Making hurtful comments about your partner’s appearance can damage their self-esteem and erode the foundation of your relationship. Once something is said, it can never be taken back.”

Comparisons to Exes 

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“Even if everything your current partner does reminds you of your ex negatively or positively, comparing your partner to exes can ignite feelings of inadequacy and doubt.”

Financial Secrets 

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“This is a difficult one, especially if you’re married. You should come clean about your finances, whether good or bad, either before or during the engagement. However, revealing financial matters too early in a relationship can undermine trust and teamwork in managing shared resources.”

Negative Family Remarks 

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“Even if you hate your partner’s family, you should never openly criticize them or pit your partner against them. It’s their family, and doing this can cause deep emotional rifts and tension in your relationship.”

Regrets About the Relationship 

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“First and foremost, if you regret your relationship, it’s time to leave. However, openly sharing those regrets can break your partner down and do a lot of damage to them mentally and emotionally.”

Intimate Secrets Shared by Others 

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“If someone in your partner’s circle trusts you enough to confide in you, keeping their private shared stories from friends and family can help maintain their trust in you.”

Fantasies Involving Others 

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“Never share your sexual fantasies about people you work with, know, or are in touch with, with your partner. Discussing sexual fantasies involving others can lead to insecurity and jealousy. This is why they’re called “fantasies.”

Lies About Small Things 

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“If you lie to your partner about something small, for example, you said you were going to get gas but instead went and got a burger because you were hungry. Never brag to them about how you got away with a lie, no matter how small and insignificant. Even minor lies can erode trust over time.”

Negative Comparisons to Others 

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“Comparisons are generally rough water to navigate even when they’re good comparisons. It’s best to avoid comparing your partner to friends, co-workers, or others, especially when unfavorable.”

Personal Insecurities Used Against Them 

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“Things can get heated and emotional quickly when arguing with a partner. Exploiting personal insecurities in arguments can cause lasting emotional damage.”

Relationship Doubts

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“Discussing relationship doubts with friends before addressing them with your partner can break trust, especially if your partner finds out before you have a chance to talk to them about your relationship issues.”

Private Health Issues 

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“When it comes to your health and your partner’s health, you should always respect your partner’s privacy by not revealing their health issues to others without permission.”

Negative Opinions About Close Friends 

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“This is some murky water right here. If your partner is criticizing or even belittling a family member or close friend of theirs, it’s best to let them vent and move on. Joining in on your partners your partner’s bashing of a close friend or family member often leads to social isolation and conflict. You’ll often be the one to blame for this as well.”

Plans for a Surprise or Gift 

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“This is obviously a no-brainer. Never reveal plans to your partner about gifts or surprises. Revealing surprise plans or gifts beforehand can take away the element of surprise and excitement.”

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