15 Things The Boomer Generation Thinks Our Kids Need Right Now!

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The generations often describe their upbringing as challenging, but it raises the question of whether life was truly harder back then. While circumstances and hard work have evolved over time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that life has become easier. Exploring the differences between what previous generations endured and what our children benefit from sheds light on the differences between now and then.

Take a look at what Boomers had as kids that our kids need badly today:


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“Privacy..from the moment they’re all born, their pics, good, bad, and embarrassing moments are put on socials – it’s insane to me.”

Less Influence

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Several readers agreed that YouTubers had more involvement in my childhood emotional growth than my own parents.

Snow Days

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Another user answered: “With the weather, snow days. Yes, online classes are now a thing but something about nostalgia and waking up and finding out school is canceled because of a snow day. Go out sledding with friends, building snow forts and snowballs, and watching a movie with hot chocolate.”

Independence and Freedom

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Many posters agreed: I’d say freedom and independence. Freedom to get hurt, make a dumb decision, learn from it, problem solve on your own, and make plans with your buddies. My childhood memories are like adventures. From sunrise to street lights the world felt like it was ours. Just completely disconnected and unplugged from the world.

Unstructured Playtime

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What users are saying: “Yes! This was my favorite part of being a kid. There were 10-12 kids within a 6 year age range on my street, and we’d all be out playing between multiple blocks, houses, and forests. Our parents would just yell or whistle from the porch at dinner time, and sometimes we’d go back out again after!” 

Being Bored

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Several readers agreed: I feel like kids have no tolerance for “boredom.” I try to tell the youngins to let their minds wander and allow thoughts to flow, but they feel compelled to stuff every moment with games or videos. They’re not even enjoying music anymore. It’s all, “Can I play this song? It’s from a meme.” And they change the song before it’s over because there’s less appreciation for composition anymore.

Outdoor Activities 

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On user said: “They don’t know how to rollerblade, scooter, barely ride a bike. All they do is to look down and lack vitamin D.”


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“Accountability! Especially in schools. In my district, they think it’s unfair to the children and can hurt a child’s self-esteem if they’re held back in school. So, even if they never do a single assignment, flunk every class, and learn nothing, they advance to the next grade. Because of this, I have 6th graders who don’t know how to spell anything, don’t know punctuation, have no idea what to do with commas, and have no clue that they need to capitalize the first letter of a sentence.” 

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