15 Old Fashioned Slang That Boomers and Millennials Need to Ditch Right Now

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Slang words and phrases play a dynamic role in contemporary language, reflecting the ever-changing cultural and social landscape. They serve as linguistic shortcuts and expressions of identity, often bridging generational and subcultural gaps. These terms can be rooted in pop culture, digital trends, or regional influences and continue to evolve rapidly. Many are embraced in everyday conversation, while others remain confined to specific communities. Slang helps people connect, express themselves, and stay current with the times, making it an essential component of ever-evolving language.

Groovy (1960s)

Man smiling with a peace sign
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A term used to describe something cool or fashionable. “That new outfit is groovy, man!” Groovy was a hallmark of the counterculture movement of the 1960s, often associated with peace, love, and freedom.

Rad (1980s)

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Short for radical, it means something is excellent or impressive. “That skateboard trick was totally rad!” The skateboarding and surfer subcultures of the 1980s popularized this term.

Tubular (1980s)

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Similar to “rad,” it means something is cool or awesome. “This surfboard is tubular!” “Tubular” was frequently used in the context of extreme sports, like surfing and skateboarding.

Gag me with a spoon (1980s)

Woman pointing to her tounge and doing a thumbs down looking disapointed
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An expression of disgust or annoyance. “Her constant bragging about her new car makes me want to gag me with a spoon.” This phrase was often used sarcastically to mock insincere or pretentious behavior.

Cowabunga (1980s)

man cheering
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A catchphrase often associated with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, used to express excitement or enthusiasm. “Cowabunga, dude!” The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brought this phrase into mainstream pop culture in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Righteous (1970s)

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A term to describe something as morally right or just. “That decision to donate to the charity is totally righteous.” “Righteous” was commonly used in the context of social and political movements.

Bogus (1980s)

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Used to indicate something is fake or not genuine. “His excuse for being late was totally bogus.” This word often referred to something deceptive or untrustworthy.

Cool beans (1990s)

Woman shrugging wearing a trendy straw hat
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An expression of agreement or approval. “You want to grab pizza tonight? Cool beans!” “Cool beans” is a whimsical way to express agreement or enthusiasm.

Word (1990s)

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A shortened “word up” form is used to show agreement or affirmation. “I aced that test. Word!” “Word” is a concise way of saying, “I agree” or “that’s true.”

Fo’ shizzle (early 2000s)

excited woman smiling with clenched fists
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Slang that is associated with rapper Snoop Dogg, meaning “for sure” or “definitely.” “Are you coming to the party tonight?” “Fo’ shizzle!” This phrase was made famous by Snoop Dogg and became a part of hip-hop and pop culture in the early 2000s.

Talk to the Hand (1990s)

woman loking away upset with her hand up showing stop
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A dismissive phrase used to tell someone to stop talking. “I don’t want to hear your excuses. Talk to the hand.” This phrase was often used humorously to shut down annoying or irrelevant conversations.

Fresh (1980s)

Woman giving a thumbs up
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A term used to describe something as new, unique, or cool. “Your outfit is so fresh!” “Fresh” often refers to something stylish, original, or innovative.

As if (1990s)

woman with hand up looking concerned showing no
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An expression of disbelief or skepticism. “He said he’s the best player on the team. As if!” “As if” was popularized by the movie “Clueless” and used to express doubt or sarcasm.

Wazzup (1990s)

Man with a goofy look on his face
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A casual greeting popularized by a Budweiser commercial. “Hey, wazzup?” “Wazzup” was widely recognized thanks to the humorous Budweiser advertising campaign in the late 1990s.

All that and a bag of chips (1990s)

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A way to describe someone who thinks highly of themselves. “She acts like she’s all that and a bag of chips.” This phrase was often used humorously to mock self-importance.

Psych! (1990s)

woman pointing at the camera and at her brain
Image Credit Depositphotos khosrork

Used to retract a statement, often in a playful or joking manner. “You really thought I’d lend you my car? Psych!” “Psych” was a common way to tease or trick someone playfully.

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