15 Deadbeat Moms of Hollywood People Just Don’t Like

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Get ready to step behind the glitzy curtain of Hollywood and dive into a discussion that takes a bold turn. We’re shining a spotlight on a topic that doesn’t often make it to the headlines: the intriguing realm of deadbeat moms in Tinseltown. While fame and fortune might paint a glamorous picture, it’s time to unveil the lesser-known stories of maternal responsibilities that took an unexpected detour. From missed birthdays to unfulfilled promises, we’re delving into the lives of celebrity mothers who found themselves on a different script than what the red carpet suggests. So, grab your popcorn and join us for an unfiltered look at the realities that exist beyond the silver screen.

Teri Shields

Brooke Shields
Image of Daughter Brooke Shields Image Credit Depositphotos everett225.

To begin, one user said, “It’s amazing that Brooke survived. She seems like a lovely, compassionate woman. I saw Pretty Baby, and it was horrifying that they let a little girl be in that movie.”

Mama June

mama june
Image credits: Depositphotos Jean_Nelson

A person said, “Honey Boo Boo’s mom.”

Another person said, “I just watched a deep dive on Mama June. She did so many downright awful things to her kids.”

Michelle Duggar

Man whispering to a woman and she's shocked
Image Credit Depositphotos olly18.

A popular comment was, “Michelle Duggar – She forced her older daughters to look after all of their siblings, she forced her daughters to forgive their brother for taking advantage of them, she let Josh live in the home with 18 younger children even after what he did to 4 of his sisters, she left her daughter alone in the NICU to protest against a store selling alcohol, and she and her unintelligent husband Jim Bob banned Jill from going to their house because she’s a “bad influence”- she got a nose ring and occasionally drinks alcohol… but they had no issue letting a child predator visit the home whenever he liked. She also wrote a letter to a judge that her horrible son is a good man and asked that he be sent home to his children (three of them are girls who were around the same age as their aunts when that horrible person too advantage of them).”

Farrah Abraham 

Farrah Abraham 
Image credits: Depositphotos Jean_Nelson

One person said, “Saying that her 4-year-old has her own life and is “doing her own thing” is wild like the most that 4-year-old was doing was probably going on a play date wdym doing her own thing.”

Maureen Dumont Kelly

Minka Kelly
Image of daughter Minka Kelly Image Credit Depositphotos PopularImages.

A user shared, “I think Minka Kelly’s mother was a drug addict who lived with a man who abused Minka.”

Another user said, “ listened to the celeb book review podcast and can’t wait to read her book in full. I was bowled over by the grace she was still able to show both her parents. And she reflected on her upbringing and took control as an adult by deciding how she wanted to be in those relationships. Like it was such a deep dive into living with trauma and going a step beyond that, into creating your own happy ending and looking at your own trauma-induced bad behavior with responsibility and compassion.”

Debra McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy
Image Credit: Depositphotos s_bukley.

A popular comment was, “Debra McCurdy takes the cake for me. I finally got around to reading Jeanette’s book two months ago, and after finishing it, I’ve never wanted to put my hands on a dead person that badly. It makes me look at iCarly and Sam and Cat so differently now.”

Constance Meester

Leighton Meester 
Image of daughter Leighton Meester Image Credit: Depositphotos ChinaImages.

Someone said, “I would say Leighton Meester’s mom is worse than a deadbeat because she sued Leighton to take care of her half-brother. So much sympathy and compassion for Leighton, who worked through it all. And I can’t say enough. I think is a fantastic actor who needs to work more.”

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin
Image credits: Depositphotos Jean_Nelson

One person shared, “I never liked Kate Gosselin. The last straw was when she expected the little kids (at the age of two) to understand they needed to stay in line with that dumb rope with the plush handles on them and walk several blocks from the parade grounds to their car. The children were clearly hot and tired, but she insisted. If she wanted them to learn to use it, perhaps practice in your neighborhood first for short trips. Don’t expect them to know something on the first try!!”

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner
Image credits: Depositphotos Jean_Nelson

A user said, “Kaitlyn Jenner to her non Kris Jenner kids.”

Another user said, “Yeah, I was watching The Hills: New Beginnings, and hearing Brody talk about how she was never part of his life made me so sad for him. He even invited her to his wedding, and she skipped (at the last minute, iirc). So sad. Also, her chosen name is the name of Brody’s (ex) wife, who he had been dating for a couple of years beforehand.”

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson
Image credits: Depositphotos s_buckley

One reply was, “Jenna had twins with Tito Ortiz but lost custody after she was found to be drinking and neglecting them as toddlers. She refused to attend rehab or to see her sons in a supervised visit because she would have to pay (for the attending carer) and ‘Why should I have to pay to see my own kids.’ She hasn’t seen the twins for 10 years. She then met a new man, became sober, converted to Judaism, had a daughter via IVF, and moved to Hawaii. As soon as her daughter became a toddler, she started drinking and using again. The dad took Batel (the child) away, and Jenna is now currently living in a trap house in Vegas with a load of grimy-looking tiktokers, begging for money. So she’s abandoned two sets of kids.” 

Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan
Image credits: Depositphotos everett225

A popular comment was, “I once saw her at a club in downtown Chicago in the early 2000s at the height of Lindsay’s fame. She was absolutely plastered and was obnoxiously and loudly name-dropping Lindsay (who was not there) in an attempt to get free drinks. A real gem.”

Another comment was, “Didn’t she also ship her other daughter over to Asia to model alone as a minor? I mean, I know that’s pretty common in the modeling industry, but I don’t think it’s good parenting.”

Shirley McLain

Woman looking surprised and shocked
Image credit: Depositphotos alanpoulson.

One response was, “Shirley McLain. Dumped her daughter on her husband and his mistress, who were abusive but posed in a magazine with her daughter when convenient.”

Another response was, “As a teen, she was sent to boarding school in Europe. Parker recalled that one Christmas, neither of her parents showed up to pick her up from boarding school when she was 14, stranding her in Europe for weeks. Parker intended to go to college but claims she was cut off financially from her parents at 17.”

Yolanda Hadid

Yolanda Hadid
Image Credit: Shutterstock lev radin.

A user said, “That clip of her telling a faint Gigi to just chew on an almond….”

Another user replied, “I also remember an episode of Housewives where it’s GiGi’s birthday & her mom doesn’t want her to eat more than one bite of cake.”

Sherri Shepherd

Sherry Shepherd
Image credits: Depositphotos PopularImages

A reply was, ‘Didn’t Sherry Shepherd contract with a surrogate and then dumped both her husband and the baby by the time it was born?”

A second reply was, “Yes, I remember that one. I think she came out saying that she knew her husband’s plan was to divorce her once the baby was born and collect alimony AND child support, so her solution was to peace out before she signed the papers or something. As far as I know, she was technically off the hook since she was not biologically related to the baby. Still seems like a terrible thing to do, though.”

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