Avid Readers Are Disgusted! 15 Poor Behaviours Of Non-Readers

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In a world brimming with captivating stories and invaluable knowledge, some individuals have yet to embark on the delightful journey of reading. It’s a habit that offers a window into different worlds and enhances empathy, creativity, and mental agility. If you find yourself more inclined to binge-watch TV shows or scroll through social media than pick up a book, you might recognize some of these habits. Don’t worry, though – it’s never too late to cultivate a love for reading!

TV Show Binging

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If your idea of a perfect weekend is finishing an entire series, but you can’t remember the last time you finished a book, you might be a non-reader. TV show marathons can be addictive, but consider mixing in a good novel for a change of pace.

Leaving Books Half-Read

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Starting a book with good intentions but never quite finishing it? This is a classic habit of non-readers. Whether it’s from a lack of interest or just too many distractions, it might be time to set a goal to actually complete a book.

Proclaiming “I Don’t Have Time to Read”

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This phrase is a go-to for non-readers. While life can get busy, making time for reading can be as simple as swapping some screen time for a chapter or two. It’s all about priorities.

Preferring Movie Adaptations

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If you always choose to watch the movie instead of reading the book, you might be missing out on the depth and detail that books often provide. Consider giving the book a shot before hitting the play button.

Only Reading Required Material

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Non-readers often stick to reading only what’s required for work or school. While these readings are important, it’s also worth exploring books for pleasure and personal growth.

Neglecting a Personal Library

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If the only books you own are textbooks or reference materials, you might be a non-reader. Building a personal library with a variety of genres can be a great way to encourage more reading.

Not Knowing Bestselling Authors

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If you struggle to name a few popular authors or bestsellers, it might be a sign that reading isn’t a regular part of your routine. Exploring the works of well-known authors can be a great starting point.

Avoiding Bookstores and Libraries

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Non-readers tend to steer clear of bookish places. If you’re avoiding bookstores and libraries like the plague, it might be time to venture in and see what catches your eye.

Saying, “I’ll Just Watch the Movie”

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When a friend recommends a great book, do you immediately think about when the movie version will be out? While film adaptations can be enjoyable, consider giving the book a try first.

Believing “Books Are Boring”

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If you’re quick to dismiss books as dull, it’s possible you haven’t found the right genre or author that captures your interest. There’s a book out there for everyone. You just have to find it.

Ignoring Book Recommendations

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When friends or family members enthusiastically recommend a book, do you politely nod but never actually read it? This is a common habit of non-readers. Give their suggestions a chance – you might be pleasantly surprised.

Not Joining Book Clubs

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Book clubs are a great way to motivate yourself to read and discuss books with others. If you’ve never considered joining one, it might be worth a shot.

Relying Heavily on SparkNotes

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Using SparkNotes or other summaries to get through literature assignments might be a sign that reading isn’t your preferred pastime. While these resources can be helpful, consider diving into the actual text for a richer experience.

Never Gifting Books

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When it comes to gift-giving, non-readers often overlook books as potential presents. Consider giving books a chance as gifts – they can be meaningful and enjoyable presents for all occasions.

Making “I’ll Start Next Year” Promises

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If you find yourself repeatedly putting off reading goals with promises to start “next year,” it might be time to break the cycle. Start small, set achievable goals, and watch your reading habits grow.

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